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Success Thinking And Actions: Visualization As A Tool for Success and Fulfillment

Visualization, also known as self-imaging, is a powerful tool for self-discovering that creates happiness and more strength. It is an important instrument that helps in achieving success in both personal and professional relationships. Practicing this form of skill, guided imagery, is not a difficult task and one can practice it on daily basis. This will help in the enhancement of one's communication skill.

Visualization is also a form of relaxation wherein preferred sensations and images are consciously induced to the mind and body. In other words, one can use visualization as a tool to control the various types of sensations, such as hearing, smelling, seeing, feeling, and so on. The body receives the signal to control sensation and enables you to control your thought process and feelings. Therefore, it is important to do away with negative thoughts and situations and instead induce positive signals, feelings, or ideas to the body, as they help in making your thoughts and situations pleasant. Following are the steps provided for practicing visualization: 

Firstly; choose a quiet and a lonely place where you can be alone for fifteen minutes. While breathing, close your eyes and concentrate. Take a deep breath to calm your body. Now practice a visualization exercise: imagine that you are sitting on a beach enjoying the view of a beautiful sunset. Then, imagine your hands touching the rocks and the white sand of the beach. Feel for the caressing the touch of the sun on your face, observe the blue sky, and focus your mind on any pleasing things. Once you finish this exercise, open your eyes slowly and relax.

Once closing your eyes imagine the image of the real situation, which you want to change permanently. Now you should focus on the surrounding (all the possible ways with the background and the foreground) around you. Now look at the behavioral pattern in you, it can be a hobby, your skills that are important for you (make sure that they should be one that you want to change the most, for instance it can be the skill that you want to improve, such as public speaking skill). When you have this particular situation of mind, visualize (see) your body movements taking it as a slow motion, slow down a bit by taking deep breaths. 

Once you observe your behavioral patterns, the next step is to correct your verbal and the nonverbal gestures that are responsible for negatively influencing your communication and presentation. Change the negative skills by replacing them with positive skills, which will enhance your performance skill. Next review your previous situation visualizing it in a normal pace this time and applying the new methods of improvement. Remember to pay a close attention to the way you speak and your body language. Fill yourself with self-confidence and imagine that the audiences are applauding to your speech.

Now, slowly open both the eyes and try to note down some specific experiences that you might feel is important from these exercises. One can easily practice this type of visualization on a daily basis. And investing fifteen minutes of your time a day and gradually increasing it to thirty minutes will be helpful and effective.