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Success Thinking and Actions: The Joy of Success

As we go through life we experience many events which bring us joy.

These include milestones such as graduation; the first date; the first
kiss; the first pay check; marriage; and birth of a child. The
physiological basis for the great joy is the strong emotion that
accompanies the event. It makes us feel good, alive and full of energy.

Notice that these same events are also events of success. Thus there is the success from our academic efforts; efforts at courting; diligent work; and bringing new life to the world. In truth we are all success machines, going from one success to another in our lifelong journey and search for happiness.

This realisation itself should bring us great joy. It means we are
somehow programmed to achieve success, and the joyful emotions that accompany successful outcomes continue to motivate us to seek new activities and projects to experience the same wonderful feelings.

It must also mean that no matter what adversity befalls us from time to time, we all have it within us to get up, shake the dust off ourselves, and try again. This is the human condition. It is not just about positive thinking. It is deep-seated genetic programming to be the best that we can be, so that our internal body environment can be brought into an optimal state where all our cells and body chemicals are humming.

Why then do many of us find it difficult to achieve success and
experience the joy that comes with it?

As with all programs, sometimes the coding gets a bit mixed up. This
can happen as a result of both internal and external influences. This
is actually a good thing.

How can this be a good thing?

The reason is because it gives us the opportunity to tweak the code
ourselves; to make it even better using what we have learned in life;
and even to accelerate achievement and success. Which brings us back to the fact that success thinking and actions are essential to help us realise our full potential. We can be the authors of our story. We can decide how our story develops and how it ends. Just as we are inevitably involved in so many activities, so too can we write
different stories for all of them.

Isn't life exciting? If it isn't for you yet, you can make it so. If
you haven't achieved the success you have defined for yourself, you can still make it happen.

The joy of success is there for us all to experience if we want it.

So take it.