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Success Thinking And Actions: Change your Perceptions

Our life can be regarded as a series of events that are connected to each other - some are positive events and some are negative, or almost. The events that are negative can result in a negative impact on you by building stress on your mind and body. Therefore, take control of such negative events by putting on a strong effort to avoid influencing you; it is up to empower them. Put aside your perceptions, views, and judgments of a particular negative incident from your thoughts, disconnect it from the whole incident.      

As time is one-directional, one does not have the power to change the outcome of an event. We have, however the power to decide how or whether to react or respond to the events. These decisions that we take will eventually influence the succeeding events and results. It is possible that from the same events different people will have different notions, beliefs, and values. But these perceptions are only in the mind and not in the events, therefore, break away your emotions events that had occurred in your life.

About 80 percent of the stress that we live through is formed entirely due to lack of control of our mind. It is important to regulate our mind properly to reduce more stress from adding up because failing to alter it may result in a complete brake down of our body.  Therefore, avoid reacting to your surroundings both mentally and emotionally. Do not be value judgmental and set a neutral perception for every new situation by detaching yourself emotionally from events and choosing the way you want to react and respond. This will enable you take control of yourself and your life.

In today's hectic world, our daily life is filled with events that can add more stress on us. For example, being active makes us busier, accepts challenges, and sets more goals, and so on. These factors are closely related to each other and are the cause and result within themselves. Simultaneously, the impact on you is the additional cause of stress that is created by all these factors. However, you are capable of controlling the stress level if you choose to do so. 

In order to reduce your stress level avoid making value judgments about others or incidents. Stop putting strong views, beliefs, or attachments when it comes to events. Value judgments can be either positive or negatively formed. Remember: the perceptions that you form only exist in your mind, none of them existed in or out of the events. Therefore, no sooner have you bring in a negative opinion, feeling, or faith into the incident, you will evoke in yourself an additional stress and hence, a negative emotion. Thus a negative value judgment on others, result of events, and experience will only result in making you depressed and more stressed.